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A Place Of Change Ministries is a unique spiritual experience that seeks to love, teach, help, and empower all those who come through her doors. We are a multicultural, multi-denominational body of believers that loves Jesus Christ with all our hearts and are led by two incredibly dynamic pastors, Pastor Dr. Eric Thomas and Pastor Anthony T.J. Tyus! Our services are lively, spirit-filled, informative, and restorative. We are far from perfect but, we have it in our sights! Like a popular restaurant chain says, “Once you’re here, you’re family!” 


We believe God is singular and Triune(existing as three in one) simultaneously. There is God The Father, Yahweh, Jehovah; God The Son, Jesus The Christ; and God The Holy Spirit, The Comforter; the Holy Trinity. We further believe they are Eternal; having always been, They shall always be. Matthew 28:19


We believe the Earth and all that lives in and on it was created in six days, as established in the story of Genesis. We believe that humanity was created in HIS image and has been given dominion over the Earth: We believe we are caretakers of the planet and believe in and support the protection and proper management of her resources. Genesis 1:1-31


We believe that we are all fallen sinful beings, loved and forgiven by a devoted and caring God. While perfection is not possible, excellence is, and we seek to exist on that plane. Romans 3:23


We believe that an avenue of escape has been provided for the sons and daughters of God in the person of Jesus Christ. On the last day, we believe that He will return and receive those called by HIS name and have HIS testimony to life eternal! We believe that those of us that are alive will be caught up to meet HIM in the air and that those who died in the saving knowledge of Christ will be raised to immortality at the sound of the first trump of God. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


We believe that Jesus is the son of God. That HE was born of a virgin, and HIS death and resurrection, redeemed all humanity from the curse of sin. We believe that we can speak with HIM without an intercessor and that HE is ever-present in our daily lives. Romans 5:6-8


We believe that Grace is the unmerited favor and gift to all humanity that allows God to see us in a state that is less than perfect and still love us as though we had never sinned. We believe that it is HIS Grace that keeps us, protects us, and saves us. Truly, if it were not for the “Grace” of God, where would we be! Ephesians 4:7


We believe that the seventh day (Saturday) sabbath of the bible is the day of rest and worship identified in the book of Exodus. We believe that we should assemble on that day to celebrate our faith and to encourage one another as we look forward to the week ahead. We believe that on the Sabbath, we should refrain from any activities that take our eyes off of the reason for the Sabbath, which is Christ Jesus our Lord.  Book of Exodus


We believe that we are here to share the love and knowledge of Christ with all who are interested. We believe that God’s house is a house of prayer, love, compassion, and protection for all of God’s children. We believe in a common-sense approach to the scriptures and a practical and common-sense spiritual approach to our daily lives. Philippians 2:2

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