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Formed in 2008, A Place of Change Ministry's roots lie in the practical application of spiritual principles in the worshipper's life. Our Pastors excel in relationship building, and that's where our story begins. Meeting people where they are and walking with them along this spiritual journey, teaching, learning, and loving along the way is the hallmark of how we do worship at A Place of Change.

One thing we hear time and time again from visitors near and far is "nobody does love like APOC!" Of all the things to be known for, we're most proud to be known for this. Where traditional approaches to faith and worship work for some, non-traditional means work better for others, and that's the intersection where you'll find APOC.


At our hearts, APOC is a church for the unchurched, a welcoming home for those outside of the mainstream of traditional orthodoxy. We are a cross-section of denominational faiths and worship styles, with love, friendship, and family at our core. At APOC, we live to bring honor to the creator, to worship Him, to love as He loves, and to live as He would have us live in service to one another and Him.

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